Be ready to surprise yourself.

Participants come to Iota to study all forms of short prose writing, including essays, prose poems, short stories, flash fiction and nonfiction, micro essays, and much more. “Short” is a relative term, of course, and our students work onsite on pieces that vary in length from flash to novellas.  The conference is generative, and we know that some pieces begun at Iota have grown into much longer projects once the authors got back home.

Iota is designed to help writers break from questions about genre. When is a piece a micro essay and when is it a prose poem or when does it turn into flash fiction? Iota posits that it doesn’t matter: just write it.

Every participant will spend some of the conference working with each faculty member. You might start out working on a new section of your memoir-in-progress with Richard Blanco and end by launching a new prose poem with Arielle Greenberg.