The Place


Iota is held at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada, which is just over the bridge from Lubec, Maine. Participants who stay onsite are housed in the Park’s historic cottages. For participants who choose the commuter option, there are many beautiful places to stay on Campobello and in Lubec.

Easternmost Maine in a region rich with wildlife, ocean views, seafood, and inspiration. It’s one of the few remaining unspoiled getaways on the busy, bustling east coast. The nearest Starbucks is over a hundred miles away, but the nearest deserted beach is within walking distance.

Campobello is the summer home of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and their property is now the beloved international park that is Iota’s home. Lubec is the easternmost town in the United States, and home to gift shops, pubs, handmade chocolates, handmade sweaters, and other Downeast Maine goodies. Additionally, the city of Eastport is not far away, providing an even greater array of shops, restaurants, opportunities to get on the water.

Arriving early, staying an extra day, or interested in the commuter option? Click here for information about other area accommodations.